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     Vietnamese teapot’s product and service warranty policy stipulate the acceptance reasons, requirements for returned products and the time to process customer returns.


Conditions for goods to meet the return requirements:

– The product is delivered wrong in quantity, information and model compared to the order.

– The product is damaged due to the manufacturer’s fault (quality failure, design error, content error, errors differently from the manufacturer’s published quality standards) or errors during transportation transfer (deformed, scratched, stained, cracked, etc.).

– The product expires before or when the product is delivered to the Customer.

Customers change their usage needs:

– Vietnamese teapot accepts returned goods because the Customer changes their use needs; however, the products accepted for return will be based on the business policy at the time of the Customer’s request.

– Does not apply to products under restricted return categories or products with fixed return notes in the product description.


Terms of payment:

– The product is intact, full of labels, in its original packaging, and sealed according to its original specifications (unless the product is defective or damaged during transportation).

The product is not dirty, has no strange smell, and has no signs of being used.

– Customers also keep confirmation of their purchase at Vietnamese teapot (order number, purchase invoice, delivery receipt, bank statement)

Time to apply for payment:

Unless otherwise specified in the product/service introduction on Vietnamese teapot’s website, the Customer has 03 days from the date of receipt to submit a return request.

The time of request for return goods will be based on the following:

– If the Customer sends by post or delivery: the time is calculated according to the receipt stamp of the post office or delivery unit.

– If the Customer brings/sends the goods to the return centre by himself: the time is calculated when the Vietnamese teapot staff receives the returned product from the Customer.

Shipping cost:

– For products returned due to errors in Vietnamese teapot, customers will be free to return the goods.

– For Vietnamese teapot products returned by Customers changing usage needs, unless the Vietnamese teapot product introduction stipulates that a return fee applies, the Customer will be free of charge.


Refund Principle:

The refund method is based on the Customer’s payment method when purchasing:

Vietnamese teapot refunds you but does not refund the shipping fee (Which will be deducted from the amount you paid) or the delivery fee. You must bear the entire shipping fee except for the following cases:

– Not the correct type of product or model as you ordered.

– Not enough quantity, not enough set as in the order.

– External condition affected, such as peeling and broken, occurs during transportation.

Refund method:

Refund methods include:

– Refund via bank transfer.

– Refund through the bank that accepts the card.

– Cash back at the exchange centre of Vietnamese teapots.

Vietnamese teapot does not refund cash for inter-provincial goods: priority is to refund to the Customer’s card/account or via bank transfer.

Processing Time:

Vietnamese teapot will send the result of the response to the refund request to the Customer via email or/and SMS within a maximum of 02 working days from the time Vietnamese teapot receives the product.

If the refund request meets the requirements in section II, Vietnamese teapot will carry out the refund procedure for the Customer from the time the return request is made within the following time:

– With non-bank payment method: Customers will receive a refund within 5-7 working days.

– With payment method via bank: Vietnamese teapot will complete the refund procedure within 5-7 working days and send a request to the bank for processing, refunding the Customer’s account.

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